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Normal services shall resume shortly

Richard Acton was elected as the new President of the National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular student societies

Exciting news, people! We have a new executive committee!

It was wonderful to see so many of you attend the AGM in Warwick. Almost 30 societies were represented in the caucus and participated in decisions to change the AHS calendar (more on that later) and to defer the decision to change our name to the next AGM.  Do you have any suggestions for our new name? Send them in! Why the hell not?

The new executive committee are comprised of Richard Acton as President, Caitlin Greenwood as Secretary, and myself as Treasurer. So these newsletters of mine? Their days are numbered.

We’ll have a lot of information about various reforms and initiatives coming out over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled. For now, here’s a little info on Non-Prophet Week, some words from our new secretary, and photos of the AGM.

Peace yo,

Luke Dabin

Communications Officer



9th – 15th November 2015


Begin your preparations. Charity to be announced next week.


AHS AGM – It was great and that’s literally all I have to say

Go here for pictures

Go here to read what the BHA have to say about all this

Go here to read a little about your new exec

Come again next year!


Spotlight on: Caitlin Greenwood


Caitlin Greenwood: a massive rock fan

Dear AHS: I pledge to be boring.

I pledge to be really, really boring.

I pledge to get the admin done, to streamline the possible name change, and to elect some new board members. It’s not shiny, it’s not too exciting, but it’s damned important to the ongoing abilities of the AHS, and it’s a job I’d love to do. My year-end goal is to have a full, or nearly full quotient of board members by next AGM and to have a comprehensive, well-researched suggestion for a new name to be put to the caucus. If you didn’t already know, this AGM we voted to hold a consultation over the possibilities for a new name, for the AHS.

I’ve been a member of the AHS for about five years now, and it’s helped me build a community of awesome, interesting and intelligent people. Be proud of yourselves! You are my people, and I wanted to be sure the excellent community that helped me was able to continue. My long term vision for the AHS is that five years from now, other weirdo ex-Catholics and ex-Christians and ex-Muslims and ex-everyone-else can come to university, join an AHS society and say too “these are my people”.

Consequently, and perhaps a little disappointingly, my favourite part of the AGM wasn’t really a timetabled activity. It wasn’t the excellent talk by AC Grayling or the informative workshops given by Rory, Cloe and Russell. My favourite part was the Saturday afternoon, after we’d held the elections, and gone outside for the “Dangerous Debate”. This turned into a really productive brainstorming session of ideas for next year’s AHS events, as well as a chance for people to air weird and wacky views, for the edification of their audience. I got to know some great people, with fantastic plans for their societies, and incredible paths ahead of them. And this year, I’m going to help them out with the boring legwork.


Guest Article: What’s Halal the fuss about?


You may be faintly aware that Denmark has outlawed halal/kosher slaughter of animals. The Guardian’s Graeme Archer has written an article on the development which you should absolutely not read as it is terrible and the comments are terrible.

Instead, read Caitlin Greenwood’s article from earlier this year on halal meat in UK universities and how you can figure out whether you’re an evil carnivore or an unwttingly unspeakably evil carnivore!

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