AHS National Convention



Friday 11th March
18:00 Pub – Friend at Hand
Saturday 12th March – Convention
09:00 Tea and Coffee – Browse stalls
09:50 Introduction
10:00 Plenary: Building better beliefs (Featuring Arif Ahmed, Stephen Law and Victoria Stiles)
11:00 Break (15mins)
11:15 It’s what he would have wanted – A memorial to Glen Carrigan
11:20 Matter and energy at the origin of life – Nick Lane
11:50 What do you know, you’re just a teacher – Alom Shaha
12:20 Lunch (50mins)
13:10 Indoctrination state – Aron and Lilandra Ra
13:40 Panel: Reforming Islam?
14:40 Break (10mins)
14:50 Shappi Khorsandi
15:20 Purity Culture – Diana Anderson
15:50 Break (20mins)
16:00 Gender Roles and the War of Sexes – Cristina Rad
16:30 Closing up
18:30 Dinner
20:00 Evening Entertainment at the UCL pavilion
Sunday 13th March – Annual General Meeting
10:00 Reports to the Caucus
10:50 Break (10mins)
11:00 Motions
12:00 Lunch (60mins)
13:00 Exec. elections
15:00 Debating Workshop with Andrew Copson
16:00 O’Neil’s Pub – Opposite Kings Cross St Pancras

The schedule will be expanded as further details are announced. (Schedule and event titles may be subject to some changes at this point.)

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