AHS National Convention


Applying for a position on the AHS Executive

Please note that the deadline for manifestos is the 21st of February, 2016.
Manifestos should be submitted to exec@ahsstudents.org.uk with the subject line “Manifesto 2016”

Candidates elected at the AGM on March 12th will shadow the Current Exec for a period of time before taking office.

It is imperative that you discuss the role for which you are running with the incumbent Exec members to get a good understanding of the role and associated responsibilities.

The Exec provides direction and leadership in working towards the strategic aims of the AHS. The Exec is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the AHS as a national movement, including management of AHS Officers. Members of the Exec should live in the UK or Republic of Ireland for at least 46 of the 52 weeks of their term. Candidates must be students at the time of their election.

The President, Treasurer, and Secretary have an equal say in any decisions made by the AHS. Should the Exec disagree about a decision, then it is the majority of the Exec that carries the day. Each member of the Exec line manages some of the AHS officers, and oversees a specific part of AHS operations as well as shouldering actions shared by the whole Exec committee.


The President is a member of the AHS board and the head of the AHS as a section of the British Humanist Association. As such the President is responsible for compiling and presenting the AHS’s quarterly reports to the board and the BHA. The President is the public face of the AHS and represents the AHS in external media and to external organisations.


Hari Parekh


The AHS Secretary is responsible for the logistics of the Exec’s activities. The Secretary is also responsible for preparing agendas for Exec meetings, taking minutes and ensuring subsequent actions are completed and maintaining the AHS’s information resources on the shared drive.


Alexa Robertson


The Treasurer is responsible for compiling the AHS’s budget, which involves forecasting annual expenditure and ensuring this is covered by suffucient funding from the BHA and other sources.  The Treasurer documents all AHS expenditure and income. The Treasurer also chairs the Grant Committee, which oversees the AHS society and travel grant schemes.



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