Society Training Day – An Appeal to the Passionate

by Martin Smith

“I wish the new federation well, warmly applaud the initiative that has brought it into existence, and feel happier about the future as a result. This is more than another candle in the dark, it is a whole candelabrum, shining its welcome light onto the forward path, for the many who see the world as a natural realm, for which the responsibility – for the planet’s health as for the peace, flourishing and good of all its human residents – belongs to humankind alone.”

– A.C Grayling

A.C Grayling was correct to point out, as the above quote states, that the National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies (The AHS) is a shining light, in a room blackened by superstition and stupidity. This coming weekend we welcome over 15 different societies from all over Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland to the AHS’s first ever Society Training Day held at the University of Nottingham.

The AHS often provides training at the AHS Convention and the Annual General Meeting, but it has never before focused an event that tailors purely for training. This year, the Executive decided to refocus training and create an event that puts you all in the same room as your colleagues from different universities and so allowing you to share ideas, improve, and be inspired. Those holding the candelabrum are the AHS Officers, who offer a huge range of experience and can impart their vast knowledge on to you. These Officers come from various universities across the country, and offer years of valuable experience running the very societies that you run, or attend, at the moment. Who better then to provide training, than those giants upon whose shoulders you stand?

It is a day where that shining light of the candelabrum can operate like a lighthouse in the midst of mist, rocky and turbulent seas.

This event is not, by any means, going to be you guys simply listening to us. Rather it will be us giving advice, useful skills and subtle suggestions and then you guys can and will, I am sure, discuss what is useful about say, social media and perhaps what you as a society has done that others may benefit from. Perhaps you have had a particular idea for an event that you feel could be useful for other societies to use too? Perhaps you are thinking about running for a committee position but you are unsure what it may involve and so want to be informed before making a decision? Maybe you have found somethings really difficult and you feel you need some specialist guidance? Or maybe you just enjoy like-minded people? Whatever the reason, the University of Nottingham will host some of the most interesting and intelligent people in the country who, like yourselves, are all passionate about atheism, secularism and humanism and are committed to a future where the light of truth, beauty and reason prevail against the darkness of superstition, hysteria and unsubstantiated claims.

For more information please visit our page here, and join the Facebook event group here.

I look forward to welcoming you all.

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