Send us your Small Victories!

by Chris Malburn

Here at the AHS, we want to help new societies grow, and celebrate the little things that go towards making a great AHS society. That’s we’re launching our own Small Victories campaign.

All too often, we hear about the huge news, but not so much about the societies who are gradually growing and on their way to great things: we all too often get distracted by big events, like a society getting a really famous speaker… or more likely an urgent crisis that needs our attention! So, we decided to remedy that.

The idea of Small Victories is that it’s an excuse to celebrate the small but vital steps that lots of our societies are taking towards greatness every day but aren’t as proud of as we think they should be. Anything from electing the first society committee to holding a great event, getting a good response at a Freshers Fair to winning an SU award: no matter how small, we want to hear about it!

We want you to tweet at us and leave us comments, telling us what you think we should be celebrating every week by using the hashtag #AHSVictories, or commenting on our weekly posts. Whether it’s something your society or someone else’s society has done, we’ll be sharing the best Small Victories with everyone in the AHS.

Photos get bonus points, and we’ll share those too. Help us fill up this gallery below with more photos of what you’ve been up to!

P.S. Don’t forget, if you need a helping hand with your events or anything else while you’re starting out, the AHS Team is here to help. Get in touch with your Regional Officer, or if you’re not sure who to ask, just email, and I can point you in the right direction!

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