Non – Prophet Week: Support the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust

by The AHS

Non – Prophet Week  allows all of our member societies to actively take part in fundraising without, as the name suggests,  the added hope of a divine reward. This year, it will be held on 20th – 26th October: this is a little earlier than usual, but we felt that Non – Prophet Week could be a fantastic first or second major event for AHS societies, and a great way to encourage new people to get involved in doing something worthwhile for others. That is after all, what humanism is all about! Get thinking about how you’d like to raise money!


The charity for Non – Prophet Week this year will be the
Uganda Humanist Schools Trust.

The Uganda Humanist Schools Trust was established in November 2008 as a charity to raise funds to support the efforts of Ugandan Humanists, who have founded three secondary schools which offer students the alternative of an evidence-based secular education. This charity focuses on providing a quality education to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity. So far, they run three schools which cater for hundreds of students of all ages, but need constant funding to make necessary upgrades to the buildings and learning resources – and keep them well maintained.

At the AHS, we will be raising money for a specific project or two that the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust urgently needs funding for, which will allow the pupils to get the most out of their education. Selecting the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust as our charity this year means we can all be sure that we are making an active and practical difference. It allows us to give the greatest gift of all: a better education.


Last year, the winner of the prize of Most Money Raised for Non-Prophet Week raised £225.70. This year that total can be beaten and we believe that it will be beaten! Who among you will receive the prize and even better, the hugs and kisses  for doing this? Remember folks, be creative!  Last year, University of Liverpool Humanists undertook a 24 hour editing session of all things Humanism related, and at the same time our current Secretary, Martin Smith, wore high heels for a week around Nottingham University campus. In previous years, societies have undertaken a wide range of weird and wonderful activities from beard shaving to bike jousting and marshmallow eating to electric wheelchair races! Challenge yourself!


We’ll keep you updated with the details about which projects we will be raising money for, how you can take part and how you can donate, very soon!

If you’d like to get involved or have any questions about Non-Prophet Week or the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust, you can email Martin Smith at

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