Emergency General Meeting Called – Manifestos Needed

by The AHS

It is with sadness that our Treasurer, Dan Newman has had to step down from the Executive of the AHS.

Accordingly, the AHS has called an EGM which will take place at the University College London on March 29th 2015 where the Caucus will elect a new Treasurer to take over up until the AGM in the summer, where a new Executive will be elected.

The AHS ask that manifestos to be sent forward to the Executive by March 15th, allowing the manifestos to be featured in the newsletter the following Sunday, a week before the EGM. This allows time for the Caucus to select the best person possible to take over Dan’s duties.

The role of the Treasurer is as follows:

The Treasurer presents the financial situation of the AHS to Members and at meetings including the AGM. The Treasurer must have the skills to produce reports including account and balance sheets. The Treasurer is the primary contact for the BHA in assisting with the management of the AHS restricted fund. The Treasurer works with the Board and the rest of the Executive in making payments including Member reimbursements and grants and supplier invoices. They work with the Head of Membership in collecting any membership fees. The Treasurer must develop fundraising strategies including in areas such as selling merchandise, seeking donations and sponsors, and Member activities. They will administer databases and letters as well as leading procedures relating to fundraising activity. As part of the Executive, the Treasurer shall contribute to the steering of the AHS with the best interests and contributions from the Caucus and officers in mind. The Treasurer must be utterly reliable, respond to communication quickly, and carry out tasks in a timely manner.

It is of paramount importance that you only apply for the role if you know that being the Treasurer of a National Federation is something you can give an adequate amount of time to.

Manifestos are not required to run for Treasurer. Again, however, we ask that these be sent to us so that we can share your ideas via the newsletter, giving you the chance to reach out to those people who will elect you before the EGM.

Deadline for manifestos is: March 15th

Please send these to Chris Malburn at president@ahsstudents.org.uk




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