Do not miss the AGM in Warwick!

by Martin Smith

You should come to the AGM. There! I said it.

No really, you should. Here’s why:

The AGM is about both business and pleasure. That has always been, and remains, the case. Yet the AGM this year is like no other in the AHS’ history.

As for business we will be voting on at least two motions. The first of these is a basic yet crucial change to the AHS Calendar that would see a new Executive elected on the Sunday of the annual AHS Convention. They would then have four months to handover until they officially begin their roles on the Executive on July 1st. This has obvious reasons why it is being proposed. It means a leaner, more prepared, more professional Executive. The second motion is a change to the AHS name. This I fear will be contentious and it may be worth coming along just to see this debate. The proposed change would see the National Federation of Atheist Humanist and Secular Student Societies (The AHS) become Humanist Students. Be there to have your say in how the future of AHS societies are represented on a national level. After this we will then elect a new President, Secretary and Treasurer. This needs no attempt to convince you of its entertainment value. The candidates this year are excellent and will make sure that your decision is as absolutely difficult as it ought to be.

As for pleasure in the evening on Saturday we will be wined and dined in a fantastic restaurant that caters for all meal requirements and then entertained by the marvelous Kate Smurthwaite, an award winning comedian and a well known commentator on all things humanism! Sunday promises to be even more entertaining still. We have a fantastic line up of workshops, that will educate and inspire you! After which we have a talk from the majestic Professor AC Grayling on ‘The Stalin Objection: Answering the Stalin point’.

There promises to be a few surprises throughout the weekend too. (I am absolutely assured of this but apparently even I am not allowed to know what these are!)

If this does not convince you to spend £34 on standard non en-suite room then perhaps I ought to try a little harder!

If you are just starting out with a new society, then coming along to the AGM is a must. The officer team consists of the very best people at what they do. They are the giants upon whose shoulders your very society stands. Listen to them, share your ideas, be a part of a movement that seeks to improve this one life we have.

Still not convinced?

Perhaps travel is an issue? Not at all! The AHS will subsidise your travel for anything over £25. You can find travel grant forms on the tab in the main page of the website. Meaning that you’re running out of excuses by now, right?


Well then, I’ll close with this: In my experience these events are among the best you can go to. This is for the simple reason that the people whom attend AHS events are the most intelligent and unique you could ever wish to meet. I have been a part of the national movement for 2 long years and have had some of the very best nights of my life. If you’re still unsure whether you should come along, take the risk. You won’t meet a more passionate, intelligent and diverse group of people anywhere in the world. I honestly believe that and you will not regret it for nanosecond.

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