The Constitution governs the basic operation of the AHS. It makes provision for our governing structure as well as defining our aims. It is available for download at the bottom of the page, and a summary of the key points is given here.


The AHS is run by students, for students. Most of the running of the AHS is carried out by an elected Executive, a President, Secretary and Treasurer, who must be students.

The Executive can appoint officers to fulfil roles within the AHS. At present, we appoint a Head of Membership, Campaigns Officer, Education Officer, Webmaster, Press Officer and a Communications Officers.

The President of the AHS reports to the Board. Their function is similar to the Board of Trustees of the BHA, that is to ensure high-level stability in the running of the AHS, and to provide advice and help the Executive set their direction.

The Caucus

The Caucus is the collective governing body of the AHS, that votes at General Meetings. The Caucus is composed of:

This broadly means that each member society gets two votes at a general meeting. The President does not vote, and instead has a casting vote in the event of a tie.

Vision & Aims

The constitution defines the goals of the AHS:

The vision of the AHS is to see a thriving atheist, humanist or secular student society in every institute of Higher Education in the UK and Republic of Ireland; networked together, with a shared voice in public life, whose members can contribute to and be part of the wider national and international movement.

The AHS aims to build, support and represent atheist, humanist and secular student societies, facilitate communication between them, encourage joint actions and ensure that their members have opportunities to be part of the wider national and international movement.

AHS Constitution