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The AHS Awards

Each year at the AHS Convention, we like to give awards to societies who we believe have done exceptional work in the previous year. This year is no exception! Meet our award-winners below:

Best New Society

Northampton Atheist, Humanistic & Secularist Society

Northampton hit the ground running last year, with a very enthusiastic team organising a wide range of events. They hosted ‘The Big Debate’ with their local Islamic Society, which featured Northampton’s President Hari Parekh and the BHA’s Andrew Copson forming an excellent debating team, as well as several events touching on topics from Atheism in Africa, featuring Leo Igwe, LGBT rights, freedom of expression, monarchy, the neuropsychology of morality and Humanist involvement in Remembrance Day. They’ve also had a fast-growing community, thanks to their hard work and regular social events.

Northampton’s AHS Society also won a Gold Award from their Student Union in March, leapfrogging all of the religious societies on campus – which they were very pleased with!

Notable mentions:

The University of Exeter Atheist, Humanist & Secular Society

Exeter put on a fantastic calendar of events, including talks from AC Grayling, Peter Tatchell, Francesca Stavrakopoulou and Andrew Copson, several excellent debates and discussions, fantastic charity drives and social events, which were organised by a very dedicated committee. (more »)

Send us your Small Victories!

Here at the AHS, we want to help new societies grow, and celebrate the little things that go towards making a great AHS society. That’s we’re launching our own Small Victories campaign.

All too often, we hear about the huge news, but not so much about the societies who are gradually growing and on their way to great things: we all too often get distracted by big events, like a society getting a really famous speaker… or more likely an urgent crisis that needs our attention! So, we decided to remedy that.

The idea of Small Victories is that it’s an excuse to celebrate the small but vital steps that lots of our societies are taking towards greatness every day but aren’t as proud of as we think they should be. Anything from electing the first society committee to holding a great event, getting a good response at a Freshers Fair to winning an SU award: no matter how small, we want to hear about it!

We want you to tweet at us and leave us comments, telling us what you think we should be celebrating every week by using the hashtag #AHSVictories, or commenting on our weekly posts. (more »)


Upon hearing about the death of Sir Terry Pratchett I felt the world had lost one of its great minds. I’m a huge Pratchett fan: having read his books since I was a small child, I always found them interesting and sort of knew they were funny, but it took getting a little older and wiser to understand why they were so amusing sometime. Terry’s humour was clever like that. I also had the privilege to attend the British Humanist Association’s (BHA) conference in Leeds where Terry received the Humanist of the year award in 2013.

When I heard the news I thought, “What better way to send Terry off than to show that humanists can do death too?” After all: “DON’T THINK OF IT AS DYING” said Death. “JUST THINK OF IT AS LEAVING EARLY TO AVOID THE RUSH.” It occurred to me that this would be an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of the good life of a great man. A man who has left behind not only a wealth of literary works and a rich universe containing the Discworld – precariously perched on the back of four elephants, who themselves stand on the back of Great A’Tuin the turtle – that we can all inhabit simply by turning the pages of his books, but also a legacy in ethical and compassionate charitable and social efforts including supporting assisted dying, and raising awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. (more »)

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AHS Newsletter

12th April 15

How many atheists does it take to change a lightbulb?
One. But they are still living in darkness.


Hello campers,

This week we’ve got two calls for action: an online feedback form for anyone who attended the AHS Convention (and anyone who didn’t, but fancies influencing future AHS policy nonetheless) and our new Small Victories initiative. These are both likely to induce high levels of excitement so make sure you’re sitting down, put on some Enya and get to it.

We’ve also a new debate between Exeter AHS and Exeter Evangelical CU at the foot of the newsletter. The Executive is currently busying itself with a detailed summary of the AHS Awards and finalising the results of the BHAConQs contest in collaboration with Young Humanists and the BHA. So look forward to that,

All in all, I hope the first week back has gone smoothly for all and that revision isn’t getting y’all too down! Peace, brothers and sisters.

Luke Dabin

Communications Officer


How did you find the AHS Convention? Was it a delight, an unforgettable whirlwind of information, levity and joy? Or was it a bit meh? We’re interested in your experiences and your feedback, so we’ve put together a slick online survey to help you do so. (more »)

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