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David Stanley – Manifesto For Head Of Memberhsip

I have been President of the University of Southampton Atheist Society for the past year, and was Secretary for the year before that, whilst I’ve been studying for an MEng in Mechanical Engineering. Even as Secretary I was heavily involved with the running of the society. I helped organise our Reason Week for 2015 which included talks from two speakers and three other events, as well as events throughout the year, which included an Atheist Cocktail Night, Rant Nights, Film Nights and talks from four further speakers. My contributions in this regard increased throughout the year. As President I helped organise our Reason Week for 2016 which included an Ex-Muslim and Black Atheists Panel Discussion between four speakers, as well as three talks from further speakers and another event. I also helped organise with our Christian Union a debate between our societies which was attended by well over a hundred people. As well as our usual events, my year as President included a further three talks from speakers, as well as a film screening with Q&A presented by its creator and director. Some of you may remember me from the Regional Convention that Reading held back along or from the AGM last summer and I’m glad of the opportunity to get to know you all better over the course of this Training Day and EGM weekend. (more »)

Helen Chamberlain – Manifesto for Head of membership

Introduction and Motivation

Hello! I’m Helen and I would love to be the new AHS Head of Membership. I’ve just graduated from Durham University with a masters degree in physics, and am moving on to work and study in the NHS as a medical physicist. I’ve been involved with the Durham AHS society (DASH) since 2013, and attended my first national AHS event in early 2015. I’ve absolutely loved my time being involved since then, and have endeavored to be part of as much as possible!

I would really relish the opportunity to hold this position as the AHS is something I am really passionate about. I had a pretty intensive Catholic upbringing, and as a teenager struggled to find faith despite trying really hard, even to the point where I became the student chaplain of my secondary school. On leaving for university I became less and less sure of what I wanted or believed in. I was unready to call myself an atheist as it seemed too negative at the time, and it was only through becoming involved with DASH that I found what I was looking for. I wanted somewhere that gave me a sense of community, but which was populated by similar minded people; people who rejected supernatural claims, who believed that living things were important and humans working together could achieve great things and who enjoyed debate and discussion. (more »)

Alexa Robertson – Manifesto for Secretary

Relevant experience

As the Charity and Campaigns Officer I facilitated a campaign at UCL concerning society grant allocation transparency and the campaign to reform the No Platform and safe space policies at Goldsmith’s. I also oversaw Non-Prophet week with the AHS president Richard Acton. With the New Societies officer, Hari Parekh, I visited the AHS society at Surrey, Leicester, Goldsmiths, Northampton, Cambridge, Birmingham and Birmingham City, UCLan and I visited Sheffield.  I have also been the Secretary of the AHS society at Nottingham (UNASH) for the past year. With the president Octavian Maxim, and with the aid of the AHS, we had a successful Non-Prophet week, the society’s first reason week and we are currently in the process of fulfilling the criteria to elevate the society to Gold status within our students’ Union.

The function of AHS secretary

My function as AHS secretary would be to facilitate the president and treasurer and with them manage the officer team. The role of secretary involves stringent application of administration, organisation and planning. A sense of foresight of possible problems and outcomes is also central. Management of the Google drive and documents, all of which I have quite a bit of experience in and actually enjoy doing. (more »)

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AHS Newsletter

27th August 15

I’ll tell you who: no-one! No-one don’t not love stuff what isn’t free but costs cash, fo’ serious!

You want free stuff for your Fresher’s fair? We got free stuff for your Fresher’s fair.

You want to volunteer with the AHS, be invited to all the cool aquarium parties and accomplish amazing things as part of a team of amazing people? That seems like something we can arrange. Why not?

You want us to pay for Chris Johnson to travel to your SU with his award winning film on atheism for a private screening followed by a Q&A? We can pay for Chris’s godless shock rockup, mic drop, overnight stop and pork chop (pork chop is a euphemism; we mean speaker’s fees, which we will pay).

This newsletter has a lot of freebies in it, so get reading. Immediately.

Don’t make me come over there,

Luke Dabin

Communications Officer (for a limited time only)




Officer positions have been open for some time and the deadline is TOMORROW at midnight.

What’re the benefits of being an officer? As well as getting an inside look at the mechanics of the AHS, you’ll meet a fantastic array of like-minded people, receive compensated travel to major events across the country, contribute to the development of the national movement and have an awful, awful lot of fun. (more »)

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